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Green Parking Solutions will represent you in a respectful, professional way and make sure that we do our part in order to help preserve our planet!
A few Years ago GREEN meant money. Today it is associated with ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY.
The First Company To Use Eco Friendly Uniforms.
After 7 years of experience in the parking business learning the dos and don'ts ( right and wrongs ) of the market, we decided to create the Green Parking Solutions (GPS)
The First Company To Use Eco Friendly Podiums.
Green Parking Solutions provides safe and professional parking services for a wide variety of businesses, private parties and special events.
The First Company To Use Eco Friendly Paper and Tickets.
No party is too big or too small. Our goal is to deliver the BEST SERVICE to our clients with the preservation of our planet.


Our goal is to professionally fulfill any and all of your parking requirements by environmentally friendly means. 
From public to private events, parties, or an ongoing commercial contract basis, we offer many incentives for return customers and low emission vehicles.


Our staff are chosen based on their professional, courteous, and speedy service.
Uniforms are neat, well fitted and we have both female and male employees.
Eco- Friendly Uniforms, Podiums and Tickets.